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Meatball Callabrese Mix

A staple second course in Italian cusine, these meatball mixes follow the same recipes you would find in any Italian home at the turn of the last century. While many meatball styles exist, and these may not be the ones you grew up with, the authentic taste of this southern Italian "comfort food" will really suprise you and keep you coming back for more. (Seriously- Try them at a party and see if they aren't a big hit)

One of the keys to the great flavor and texture is the breadcrumbs we use. We bake our own artisan breads using traditional slow-rise methods . The breads typically undergo a two to three day proofing period at controlled temperatures and humidities in order to permit the development of great, crusty flavors before baking. We bake a combination of Sourdough, Levain, and French breads that are then dried, coursely crumbed and mixed together to give Porta Mangiare meatball mixes their distinctive flavor.

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