Porta Mangiare

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Recycle re-use
Re-cycle, re-use... Ideas to give our packaging another life

Here are some ideas. Add your own at the bottom of the page.

  • Pencil Holder– peel off the label and decorate at will
  • Small parts holder for project work
  • Workshop Bins for small hardware and parts like screws and nails (glue together in honeycomb pattern)
  • Children’s Crafting
    - String “Telephone”
    - Homemade rocket ship
    - Tape several together for a “telescope” or “binoculars”
  • Make change collection bank for charity/savings
  • Disposal can for kitchen cooking grease
  • Seedling starter container
  • Garden bulb digger
  • Sandcastle mold
  • Receipt holder for household accounting
  • Sewing supplies -thread, bobbin, needle, etc
  • Playroom holder for small items – marbles, crayons, etc.

Give us your Recycling Suggestions here.   We’ll add them to the website.  Be sure to upload a picture if you have an interesting re-use for our packaging